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Broker Solutions

P2 TECH PTE LTD provides system solutions for brokers for forex, CFD, and securities, leveraging MetaTrader 4/5 as the primary platforms.

We configure and manage platforms such as MetaTrader Server, enabling integration of feeds from liquidity providers, customizing broker-specific plug-ins and add-ons, implementing a CRM system that supports multiple languages, and much more.

With our expertise, we empower brokers to optimize their usage of trading tools by suggesting and developing functions each and every broker desires. Just talk to our team and tell us what you need. Our team treats each client as a priority, dedicating enough time to understand your needs and develop a tailored solution.


  • Development of MetaTrader Server API for CRM system
  • Automatic system integration of price and swap information using MetaTrader Client
  • Development of a user data input plug-in for MT Server
  • Development of a bespoke trading platform using the web and apps
  • Portfolio management system using MetaTrader Client
  • Development of a funds transferring system between accounts via online wallets
  • Development of an account opening system using MetaTrader Server API and more...


What are System Solutions?

The System Solutions Business for brokers may sound complex and foreign. However, our team members always approach it from the user's perspective. In our office, conversations such as these transpire daily:

"Wouldn't it be better proceeding with just one click? I think it's easier for users..."


"I bet that rephrasing it this way would be better for Japanese people to understand."


"How can we reflect the price information a little faster here?"

"It is difficult to understand how to withdraw funds, so why not make a video and link to it?"


It may seem like the platforms for brokers such as forex, CFD, and securities are complex infrastructure systems, but their core systems are operated in similar configurations elsewhere. We know that in order to distinguish ourselves from the competition, it is important to tailor the solutions we develop to the unique individual needs of our customers. We believe that it is very important to customize the trading system in a way that matches traders and is accurate.

Social Trading Media

We build on our deep expertise in the development of trading platform systems to provide traders with a variety of practical tools and helpful information.

Our expert development team has years of experience developing automated trading software solutions, and vetting them in real usage scenarios:
Automating trades using MetaTrader 4/5...
Downloading trade results and running independent analysis...
Comparing prices from various brokers and applying them to optimize trades...
And more.

We understand which features traders truly seek, and have created one consolidated place for all this information. Our experts aim to build a solution optimized for traders' specific needs.

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